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SALVE FRATER - - Welcome Brother, and to all who visit this site, Welcome!

Louisiana Scottish Rite Masonry offers all Freemasons the opportunity to enter the “College of Freemasonry” by becoming a member and participating. Joining alone will not accomplish the goal of being a member – participation is required.

Scottish Rite Masonry is not Scottish – it is actually handed down from the French. In the early days of Masonic lodge formation, the early 1700's, Masonry spread from the British Isles into Europe and became very popular, particularly during the later 1700's period known as The Enlightenment. European Masonry used and transformed many of the early English, Scottish and Irish rituals into their own form, and thus French / Scotch Rite forms became very popular on the Continent. Today, most non-English speaking nations, particularly those colonized by European powers, follow the Scottish Rite form of Masonry. So most European, Asian, South and Central American, and many African Masonic national Masonic lodges follow the Scottish Rite form of ritualistic presentation with some of their own minor variations. English speaking nations generally follow the “York Rite” form of ritualistic presentations in their Masonic lodges.

Any Master Mason in good standing is eligible and welcome to become a member of the Scottish Rite. An application process is required (accompanied with a Joining Fee of $400) This fee includes the first years dues, lifetime subscription to the Scottish Rite Journal and the Trestleboard and the Master Craftsman course and reference materials.  Membership is then determined by a favorable vote of the current membership – annual Dues of $120 are also required. All members are encouraged to become Endowed Members by paying a life-time Dues fee of $2500.00 for each Valley.

Scottish Rite offers lessons in many areas through the presentation of twenty-nine degrees (lessons presented in the form of stage plays), that offer thoughts on character, morality, religious tolerance, self-inspection, historical significance and inspirational messages. These Degrees compliment and add to the lessons in the three Craft Degrees conferred in the Masonic Lodge. The Degrees are performed in our five Scottish Rite Valleys (local organizations) usually twice a year. Our Valleys are located in New Orleans, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and Monroe.

Each Valley offers many programs for members – regular meetings are held monthly, and in addition, many events are planned for members and their families. Events such as golf tournaments, horse shows, trips to places such as Branson, MO, special band concerts, family picnics, patriotic programs, special cooking shows with celebrity chefs, and other activities are a part of our different Valley programs. Special leadership workshops are offered annually to incoming officers and members, and continuing programs on education are held. Membership includes a national magazine and state magazine, each published every other month and full of useful and information materials.

Scottish Rite welcomes you to inquire about our organization, as we are not a secret organization, our addresses and telephone numbers are listed in the area telephone directories. You may also find our Valley information by looking at this site under “Valleys”.
Please enjoy our information

- R.B. Smith, 33° - Sovreign Grand Inspector General in Louisiana