The Petition

The path to becoming a Thirty-Second Degree Scottish Rite Mason starts at your local Scottish Rite Bodies. Any Master Mason belonging to a regular Symbolic Lodge is eligible to petition for the 432 of the Scottish Rite. Petitions can be obtained from a Scottish Rite Mason or from the Secretary of the local Scottish Rite Center nearest to you. (Click here for a map of all Scottish Rite Bodies with contact information.) You can find a Scottish Rite Center's phone number in your "Yellow Pages" telephone directory, usually under the heading "Fraternal Organizations".

The petition is simple, basically requiring information about your Symbolic Lodge and how to contact you. The initiation fee varies from Valley to Valley, but within Louisiana the fee is $400 and must accompany the petition. Your petition is reviewed by a committee, which may visit with you to explain the Rite, and is presented to the membership at a meeting for a vote. After election, you will take the Scottish Rite Degrees at a "Reunion," usually held twice a year, but you should confirm all details with the Secretary of your local Scottish Rite Center.

If you are not a Master Mason, all you have to do is ask. In most states, members are not allowed to ask you to become a Mason; thus, you must do the asking. Just call the Lodge closest to you (check the "Yellow Pages" telephone directory, usually under "Fraternal Organizations"). Most Lodges meet in the early evening hours on a weekday, so try calling between 6:00 and 7:30 pm. You can contact me for help in getting in touch with the Grand Lodge in your state, which will know about your local Lodges.

Freemasonry is a lifelong journey of fellowship, philanthropy, fraternity, and fun.


The Petition for the Valleys of the Orient of Louisiana has two pages and they are provided here for your convenience

Please make a copy of each and fill it out, then send or scan and email it to the Secretary of your Valley. If you are not able to print this petition, ask any member of the Scottish Rite for a petition or call the Secretary and he can send you one.


Fillable Petition